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IT Staffing

IS VISION will help you broaden and complete your existing teams with skillful assets and at a lesser cost.

IS VISION can help you increase your capabilities, reduce your recruiting costs, improve your IT agility and flexibility. We will provide you with a pool of qualified talents and operate a swift pre-assessment and recruitment process based on your technological needs. We guarantee the right infrastructure to generate smooth exchanges between your internal teams and external resources.

Assisting companies Software development outsourcing services


Project base

Software projects can be a risky enterprise. From controlling the cost to insuring development standards, from maintenance to the cost of providing technical support, you can refer to our base project model. It will provide you with an initial consultation and help you carry your project according to your needs.

Our skilled software developers and business process operators will assist you in delivering successful projects. They cover a wide range of abilities including: web application, mobile application, QA and testing, BI and DevOps. In addition to this, our digital marketing team can provide varied services such as SEO, content providing and click Ads based on your budget.

Our access to a pool of best-in-class engineers guarantees, with no hidden cost, the swift assembly of a team that will be perfectly tailored to the project’s requirements.

The cost of our service will be on average 50% lower than the best equivalent offers.


Top Skill Sets

  • NET DEVELOPERC#/.NET Core/.NET / Framework / ASP.NET /VB.NET / Xamarin
  • JAVA SCRIPT DEVELOPERReactJS / AngularJS Vue.js / Backbone.js Reac Na ve Node.js Meteor.js / Polymer
  • JAVA DEVELOPERSpring MVC / JSF Hibernate / Vaadin Grails / Struts / GWT / Play
  • PYTHON DEVELOPERDjango / Tornado / Flask / Falcon
  • PHP DEVELOPERLaravel / CodeIgniter / Symfony / Yii / CakePHP Zend / WordPress Magento Drupal / MODX

Solution as a Services Testing system for telecom operators


ANTS – Automatic Network Test System is Aubay’s integrated solution allowing Telco Operators to measure the networks’ quality and offer higher grade services. It also gives companies the ability to check the availability and quality of Data and Voice connections.

In addition to this, the ANTS solution is a tool to verify the accounting processes when it comes to traffic volumes and charges to end customers, making automatic checks available on Voice, Data, Messages and OTT services.

This allows for optimized monitoring and troubleshooting processes, significantly reduced operation and maintenance costs.

ANTS solutions are adopted by Tier Operators in Europe and in the world of wired technologies (legacy, IP & Convergent) and mobile (2G to 4G and 5G -VoLTE)

Solution as a Services Cross-channel contact center


HoduCC Contact Center Software is comprehensive and consolidated solution that guarantees to provide the best Contact Center Experience for all types of contact centers. Being one of the top VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution providers across the globe, HoduSoft ensures that its Contact Center System offers intelligence, security and advanced features, all at a very affordable price. HoduCC has been designed to increase the user loyalty.

Having more than a decade long experience in the VoIP industry, HoduSoft decided to come up with various innovative products for communication destinated for ContactCenter. Our team, understand customer requirements and design the products that are efficient as well as user friendly. Performance, stability, UI/UX and competive price are  the key differentiator of our solution.

Solution as a Services Electronic Health and Services Record


EHSR (Electronic Health and Service Record) is a platform developed by IS VISON and its partners. We provide our clients with a monitoring and management tool that will help them improve and optimize the care provided to individuals. Our tool can link with several categories of smart object and allows for all data and information to be centralized leading to better services.

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